Supersport Bike


Gary rode Daytona 675R during the 2014 season achieving 3rd place on debut for Smiths Racing at North West 200 and his second Supersport crown at Isle of Man TT. He also rode the triumph alongside Nick Edgeley and Mike Smith-Halvorsen for Team Edge in National 600 Endurance Championship claiming series victory.

Gary's Supersport ride for 2015 is yet to be confirmed.

Specification Title

Element Details
Bike / Model -
Length / Width / Height -
Weight -
Wheel Base -
Ignition -
Transmission -
Fuel tank capacity -
Exhaust -
Chain -
Element Details
Engine -
Engine Management -
Max Power -
Max Torque -
Estimated Top Speed -
Bore & Stroke -
Lubrication -
Element Details
Front Tyre -
Rear Tyre -
Front Wheel -
Rear Wheel -
Front suspension -
Rear suspension -
Front Brakes -
Rear Brakes -

Regulations International

Machines must comply with general technical rules as per 2015 FIM Regulations.

  1. Any four-stroke twin cylinder motorcycle originally sold for road use with a water cooled engine of up to 650cc may be used provided it adheres to the following regulations.
  2. A manufacturers model once homologated by the FIM may be used for racing for a maximum period of eight (8) years, or until such time that the homologated motorcycle no longer complies with the Technical rules.
  3. The following engine configurations comprise the Superbike class.
    • Over 750cc up to 1000cc - 4 cylinders, 4 stroke
    • Over 750cc up to 1000cc - 3 cylinders, 4 stroke
    • Over 850cc up to 1200cc - 2 cylinders, 4 stroke
  4. Any tread pattern must be made exclusively by the manufacturer when producing the tyre. Additional tread grooves, cuts etc are allowed provided that they are made by a tyre manufacturer or by a person duly authorised by a tyre manufacturer. Such modified tyres must bear the distinguishing mark or stamp of the manufacturer. This stamp must be placed near to the manufacturer’s mark.
  5. Unleaded fuel as specified in ACU Standing Regulations (2015).
  6. Numbers shall be black in colour on a white background.